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Welcome to my new pottery site! I started creating pottery 20 years ago around the age of 7, learning from some very creative potters in after school classes. Little did I know, pottery would be sticking with me through grade school, college, and now more than ever. The past few years I had been displaying my art from my studio, as well as the occasional market in my hometown. Now I am excited to finally share my available work on this site! Check out my instagram giovi_ceramics for in-progress pieces.


I created my pottery studio in 2016 in part of my workshop. Having no clue how to renovate or operate a studio, I did the best I could to make the space work. After a few years of working in the studio part time, I realized some major improvements needed to happen. I spent the better part of 2022 completely overhauling my (not so functional) studio and have since completed the update as of December 2022.

Come see me at the Ukee market, Sundays 10-2pm

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